They say there are no coincidences.
But we came together thanks to one of those.

If we don’t call it a coincidence, then we can call it the coffee enthusiasm behind the creation of Chicas Industry project.

In the beginning was the desire to connect the two at first sight distant worlds of farmers with you, the roasters of the green beans.  To create a long-term and sustainable relationship between you, to develop and above all to sustain the coffee culture in Colombia, which is disappearing due to low prices, global warming and other factors.

We’ve been in the specialty coffee since 2014. We have worked our way through different segments of coffee industry and through different coffee-related roles. We have been passionate consumers, baristas, coffee shop managers – but also coffee cherry pickers. And we tried all the jobs that are closely related to the whole coffee chain.

We are now applying the experience we have gained to the import of green beans as well as to our projects, through which we want to return funds to the countries we have fallen in love with.



I’m a mom entrepreneur, lover of foreign cultures and languages, and a passionate globetrotter (currently returning to this hobby). I’ve been around coffee since 2011, and around specialty coffee in particular since 2014. I’ve been gathering experience on farms, in roasteries, and I’ve always been very lucky to have great teachers – people I’ve met along the way. One such person is definitely Karolina, with whom and thanks to whom we founded Chicas at the end of 2019. I am very excited about everything that still awaits us in this amazing industry.


I’ve been working with coffee since I was 19. Through commercial coffee shops in England, I slowly got to the specialty sector and stayed there. Over time, I found myself genuinely enjoying more and more things around coffee, and when I first visited a producing country in 2015, I wanted to learn even more. Fortunately, fate sent me Terka, an enthusiastic coffee girl, with whom the discovery comes easier. What I enjoy most about coffee is its variability, nothing is ever clearly defined and there is always something to learn.

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