We are working with enthusiasm, love and the belief that each of us can be part of a positive change. Together with our farmers and clients we create and implement small and larger projects. There are no limits to creativity. Would you like to join us?


Our signature program. We are Chicas, and from the beginning we have put an importance on supporting women and girls in this industry. We select coffee for you from female farmers in Colombia and Mexico. Often they are single mothers.

We know their stories, their farms and we also fully trust the coffee they grow and want to show it to the world. Believe us, girls in Colombia generally don’t have it easy, doubly so for women farmers who are trying to make their way to export coffee abroad.

Check out our project with Ana Gloria Rodriguez, one of the farmers who inspired us to start Chicas Industry in the first place.
Ana Gloria organizes weekend training programs for female farmers called CAMPAMENTO MUJERES CAFETERAS. And we cannot miss the chance to help, financially and actively.

In the lectures, women learn about the coffee business, from fermentation and proper care of the farm, to establishing their own brand and gaining insight of international trade.


Come with us to meet your favourite farmers! Nothing is impossible, we are here to help you make your dreams happen. A video call is not enough and you want to see the farm in person?

We’ll help you organize and plan everything, and we’ll be happy to act as your guide. Together with the farmers, you can even come up with your own project or your own coffee processing!


Do you want to buy coffee from a farmer/ woman farmer on a regular basis? We’ll be happy to help you plan your purchases around their harvest possibilities. We can even help you arrange larger shipments directly to you with custom printed bags or help you secure special micro lots for things like competitions or Christmas editions!


Chicas Industry is not just a company, it is a concept that connects. We connect farmers, roasters, coffee enthusiasts and end customers. We build bridges between the two worlds, providing a authentic and honest communication.

Our vision and ideas for the future:


podpora zlepšování infrastruktury na farmách (systém pro čištění vody, zázemí pro zpracování a sušení kávy)


zlepšení přístupu ke vzdělání (sdílení zkušeností s jinými farmáři i v zahraničí, přístup k laboratořím)

Want to know more? Do you have your own idea that you would like to create with us? Contact us!