Yudi Patricia Guaca

pani Yudi na své farmě Los Arboles


Mrs. Yudi together with her husband Arley and their children manage a beautiful farm called Los Árboles in the Huila coffee region. It belongs to municipality of Pitalito. Los Árboles translates “trees”, which is a really apt name. The Gauca family believes that the fruit trees on the coffee farm properly nourish the coffee and give it a better taste. The truth is, you will not taste better oranges anywhere else.




Filo Chillurco Pitalito, Huila


Finca Los Árboles


1600 m


9 Ha


Caturra, Caturra Amarillo, Pink Bourbon, Colombia, Catillo Tambo, Geisha


Los Árboles is a beautiful medium-sized farm of 9 hectares. The farm got its name, Los Arboles, meaning trees, because of the incredible variety of fruit trees. They not only provide the coffee plants with much-needed shade, but also thanks to their high concentration, the roots of the coffee plants have good nutrition. The couple Yudi and Arley founded the farm in the village of Filo de Chillurco, belonging to municipality of Pitalito in the Huila department. For five years, the family has been experimenting with extended fermentations, washed coffees and natural processing. Mrs. Yudi is particularly proud of the Geisha production, a variety, which they have been cultivating for the seventh year and have had excellent results with it.

“Thanks to the natural conditions and the quality of the soil, which is rich in nutrients, our coffee is characterized by its smoothness.”

We love trees, shrubs, everything that contributes to this whole fragile ecosystem. We think that trees and coffee plants can support each other in good growth, sending nutrients to each other through the roots, and we also believe that coffee is more fruity and tastier when it grows around a fruit tree.


With these coffees, we started our cooperation with Mrs. Yudi, and we believe that it will be long-term. Her coffee made us super excited!

Caturra Amarillo

This lot of the Caturra variety is the so-called Amarillo, a yellow. Not only does the variety produce yellow cherries, but the coffee also tastes like the yellow fruit. It was processed by washed method with extended fermentation for about 12 hours in the cherry. Drying takes place for 15 to 20 days in drying rooms on the roof of the farm. The coffee is super juicy and fruity.

Castillo Tambo

The lot of washed Castillo Tamba is a super lot with 12 hours of fermentation in cherry followed by washing, it is a so-called fully washed treatment. Drying takes place again for 15 to 20 days in drying rooms on the roof of the farm. The coffee is beautifully clean with a slight acidity, nutty chocolate tones with a creamy body.

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