Marisol Ñañéz


“Why are you into coffee anyway, Marisol? I mean, it’s an honor to grow up in a family of coffee farmers, where we were involved in everything coffee from a young age. I’ve always loved coffee and at the age of ten my dad gave me a piece of land to motivate me even more. Later in 2009 I went to Bogotá to do a course on quality and also physical and sensory analysis of coffee. In 2010 I won a competition and as a prize I got the opportunity to do a Q grader certificate. Later on I completed my technical training in coffee selection to apply all this knowledge on the farm. I also ran a women’s association for five years with my own coffee products, mainly roasted coffee, and through this I gained exposure and recognition for my project management and marketing skills.

We have now ventured into growing exotic varieties such as Pink Bourbon, Bourbon Ají and other varieties, and I have also started fermentation processes. We have our own brand of coffee with which we want to continue to pioneer the coffee culture.”




Bruselas, Huila


Finca La Correa


1750 m


15 Ha


Colombia, Caturra, Bourbon Rosado, Geisha, Castillo


“Originally, my dad lived with my mom at my paternal grandmother’s house, but to support the family, he traveled to the department of Putumayo to work as a laborer. He was hired to work on coca cultivation. The work was good, and after a few months he told my mother to go and see him and us, we were three siblings at the time. Eight days after my mother moved with us, the government started persecuting people who were growing coca and the bombing started. My mom ran away with us and hid us from the planes that were dropping bombs, so she quickly decided to come back to Huila with us, and that’s when my dad bought a quarter of an acre from one of his brothers and started growing coffee on it. Step by step he bought small plots of land and gradually in this way he bought from five different owners about 9 hectares of land on which we have coffee and 2 hectares of nature reserve.

Pink Bourbon (CO-22-042)

It is a newer variety, recently very popular in the Huila region. We have known the Niñezes since the creation of Chicas and each year our collaboration has deepened. Farmer Marisol sells us her lot of this Pink Bourbon, which she processes using the washed method with extended fermentation and has repeatedly had great results. They first select the coffee and pick only the ripe cherries, then sort out the bad cherries and impurities. This is followed by fermentation in the tank for 36 to 48 hours. The coffee is then de-husked, washed and dried on African beds for about 20 days. Marisol has a very fresh and floral profile every year. We get a creamy cranberry flavor with a grapefruit aftertaste and a medium-bodied body.