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In the offer list you will find up-to-date information on what our farmers have prepared for you. What do we currently have in stock in Brno? What coffees are on the road? What coffees are going to be exported? Contact us on and book your coffee as soon as possible.

Coffee codeCountryFarmerVarietyProcessProfileAvailableUnitPricePackagingStatus
MX-22-031 Chelin Pink BourbonMexicoEnrique Lopéz AguilarPink Bourboncarbonic maceration, washedwild fruit, raspberry blossom, herbs, goes to grapes and rose, creamy milky body4kg$30,5930 kgSPOT
BR-22-035 Vinhal Honey PropolisBrasilRafael VinhalTopázio2x fermented honeyalmond butter, propolis, gingerbread60kg$17,6960 kgSPOT
BR-22-038 Vinhal Estate blend naturalBrasilRafael VinhalBlendnaturalcarrot cake, gingerbread, butter3 820kg$9,3160 kgSPOT
CO-23-028 Nemecio Col WColombiaNemecio BordaColombiaWashedNectarines, apple, orange peel, medium body, nougat16kg$10,4235 kgSPOT
MX-23-043 YucuhitiMexicoHermenegildo García PerézTýpica, bourbonWashedAmaretto, like cheesecake, yellow melon, vanilla, lemon peel1 125kg$14,7945SPOT
MX-23-044 MixtecaMexicoHermenegildo García PerézTýpica, bourbonWashedChristmas cookies, lemon zest, milk chocolate, caramel700kg$12,8745SPOT
MX-23-046 Gildo HoneyMexicoHermenegildo García PerézTypica, Bourbon, MarsellesaHoney"Míša řezy", cocoa and cottage cheese dessert, honeydew, very sweet and medium body135kg$17,2645SPOT
MX-23-048 OtipanMexicoRaúl Alberto MartinezMarsellesa, Bourbon, TýpicaWashedbutter lemon biscuit, black tea, cocoa yoghurt210kg$11,6630SPOT
MX-23-049 Tueste cafe AlejandroMexicoAlejandro GonzalezTypica a Costa Ricahoney, long fermentation in cherryAlmond sorbet, apricot flowers, honey, perfume, sweet medium body138kg$19,0669SPOT
MX-23-051 Tueste cafe HéctorMexicoHéctor Hernández MéndezBourbon a Costa Ricanatural, anaerobic ferm. 72hYoghurt, mint, cherries, red apple, plums, honey-milk hazelnut aftertaste, lemonade138kg$19,2869SPOT
MX-23-055 Huehuetepan Bourbon naturalMexicoCarlos CadenaBourbonnaturalOrange, grapefruit, vanilla, exotic fruit, citrus, brownies with strawberry225kg$22,0845SPOT
MX-23-056 Huehuetepan L01MexicoCarlos CadenaMundo Mayawashed, anaerobic, double ferm.Rose, yoghurt, grapefruit, "Mozart kugeln", rubbing to full body, creamy floral aftertaste270kg$15,2345SPOT
MX-23-057 Las Adelitas La PahuaMexicoFinca La PahuaTypica, MarsellesahoneyDandelion honey, dried yellow fruits, nuts and cocoa60kg$20,8460SPOT
MX-23-059 Las Adelitas BlanquitaMexicoFinca BlanquitaTýpica, Marsellesared honeyDark chocolate, cocoa yoghurt, fruit jam, dried fruit60kg$22,1760SPOT
MX-23-060 Chelin Týpica lavadoMexicoFinca ChelínTýpicawashed, 48 fermentationSugar brew, sour cherries, green tea, forest honey, lemon balm, herbs90kg$22,1745SPOT
MX-23-061 Chelin Týpica honeyMexicoFinca ChelínTýpicahoneyRed apple, mint, milky chocolate, floral, full body, very nice juicyness, lilac90kg$22,1745SPOT
MX-23-062 Chelin Týpica black honeyMexicoFinca ChelínTýpicablack honey, double ferm.Black tea, fruity cake, biscuits, dark grape wine, caramel fuller body90kg$22,6145SPOT
MX-23-063 Chelin Týpica naturalMexicoFinca ChelínTýpicanatural, fermentedMango, herbs, fruit salad, dark chocolate with dried fruit, cranberries, grapes90kg$22,1745SPOT
MX-23-064 Chelin Geisha Hydron. washedMexicoFinca ChelínGeishaHydronatural washedYellow flowers, white chocolate, fruit sorbet, coconut milk, delicate creamy strawberry aftertaste45kg$33,4745SPOT
MX-23-065 Chelin Geisha Hydron. naturalMexicoFinca ChelínGeishaHydronatural naturalNettle, bompary, dark fruit cheesecake, cranberries, grapes, full body45kg$35,4645SPOT
MX-23-066 Chelin Geisha HoneyMexicoFinca ChelínGeishaHoney, despulpadoGingerbread, pear, dried fruit, indian spicy, honeydew, yellow fruit, nectarine45kg$33,4745SPOT
MX-23-067 Chelin Geisha black honeyMexicoFinca ChelínGeishaBlack honeyMango, grape wine, milk chocolate, cinnamon, lychee, apricot with peach23kg$37,6845SPOT
CO-23-071 OliverioColombiaOliverio Ñañezcaturra, colombiawashedCandied orange, grapefruit, cocoa, fuller body, refresh aftertaste, super balanced coffee770kg$10,0435SPOT
CO-23-072 Ortiz family Pink bourbon WColombiaWilliam and Libardo OrtizPink bourbonwashedBiscuit aroma, delicate peach cheesecake, creamy medium body245kg$14,1635SPOT
CO-23-073 Ortiz family Pink bourbon HColombiaWilliam and Libardo OrtizPink bourbonhoneyOrange, cinnamon, dandelion, honey, medium balanced body525kg$15,4235SPOT
CO-23-074 Ortiz family Pink bourbon NColombiaWilliam and Libardo OrtizPink bourbonnaturalGreen apple, cocoa biscuit, creamy body, flowers, great herbal aftertaste490kg$19,0935SPOT
CO-23-076 Los Nogales Tabi 04ColombiaLos Nogales farmTabidouble fermentationKakao, jahodovo broskvový milk shake, citronáda, maracuja, citrickáacidita a střední až plné tělo84kg$22,8424SPOT
CO-23-077 Los Nogales Castillo naranjo 06ColombiaLos Nogales farmCastillo naranjomaduración en barrilGrapefruit, orange, cherries, honey, strawberry yoghurt drink, medium body12kg$24,2724SPOT
CO-23-079 Los Nogales Tabi 114ColombiaLos Nogales farmTabidouble fermentationLemon grass, orange, raw cocoa, lime, honey, sea buckthorn, full body with fruity aftertaste132kg$22,3324SPOT
CO-23-080 Los Nogales Cenicafe 115ColombiaLos Nogales farmCenicafedouble fermentationKombucha, cinnamon, butter, star anyz, lemongrass, full body, citric acidity168kg$22,3324SPOT
CO-23-082 Los Nogales Decaf Cenicafe 031ColombiaLos Nogales farmCenicafedecaf Fir, mint, lemon balm, lemon, vanilla sugar, citric acisita, medium body144kg$33,1424SPOT
CO-23-083 Los Nogales Decaf Tabi 032ColombiaLos Nogales farmTabidecaf Licorice, star anise, spices, chamomile and herbs, lemon peel, biscuits, medium to full body144kg$33,1424SPOT
CO-23-086 Nariño Jhon Fredy SalcedoColombiaJhon Fredy SalcedoCaturra, castillowashedRed orange, full sweet body, cocoa biscuits, spices, citrus aftertaste665kg$11,7435SPOT
CO-23-087 Nariño Ramiro TulcanColombiaRamiro TulcanCastilloferm 48h, washedApple nectarine cake with cream cheese, cocoa salty biscuits, fuller body245kg$10,3635SPOT
CO-23-088 Nariño Verenice TorrezColombiaVerenice TorrezCastilloferm 48h, washedApple-pear tea, apricot fresh, very sweet juicy coffee with medium body and fruity, herbal aftertaste210kg$10,6435SPOT
CO-23-089 Nariño Hernando Santa Cruz ColombiaHernando Santa Cruz Castillo, Caturraferm 48h, honeyLychee, herbal honey, red fruit, lemon, pleasant creamy full body385kg$10,6535SPOT
CO-23-090 Hugo Gualaco Pink bourbon WColombiaHugo GualacoPink bourbonwashedChocolate dipped cherries, nougat, creamy body with red fruit aftertaste280kg$13,7435SPOT
CO-23-091 Hugo Gualaco Pink bourbon HColombiaHugo GualacoPink bourbonhoneyCistrus, Christmas chocolates with candied fruit and orange, sweet full body280kg$14,1935SPOT
CO-23-093 Hugo Gualaco Caturra rojo NColombiaHugo GualacoCaturra rojonaturalNectarines, cinnamon, cocoa nibs, creamy medium to full floral body84kg$14,8424SPOT
CO-23-094 Sandra Guaca RegionalColombiaSandra GuacaColombia, F6 amarillowashedFloral aroma, citrus, kiwi, caramel sweet, medium body, fruity aftertaste560kg$10,2035SPOT
CO-23-095 Sandra Guaca Pink bourbon WColombiaSandra GuacaPink bourbonwashedPeach, lemon, almond biscuits, balanced taste, medium body245kg$13,3035SPOT
CO-23-099 Benedicto Puentes Castillo WColombiaBenedicto PuentesCastillowashedOrange, sweet grapefruit juice, citrus, sparkling medium body and fruity aftertaste630kg$10,2035SPOT
CO-23-101 Benedicto Puentes Wush wush WColombiaBenedicto PuentesWush wush WwashedLavender, raisins, blueberries, medium to full body, creamy aftertaste full of purple fruit20kg$48,7624SPOT
CO-23-102 Benedicto Puentes Wush wush HColombiaBenedicto PuentesWush wushhoneyBlueberries, raspberries, sweet cocoa, lilac, medium to full body with a honeyed, honeyed velvety aftertaste84kg$48,7624SPOT
CO-23-105 Sebastian Ramirez Yellow fruitsColombiaSebastian RamirezCaturrayellow fruits infusedMaracuja, mango, yellow fruit, yoghurt milk, honey72kg$27,2624SPOT
CO-23-106 Sebastian Ramirez Purple fruitsColombiaSebastian RamirezCaturrapurple fruits infusedDark grape juice, violet flowers, floral honey84kg$27,2624SPOT
CO-23-108 Sebastian Ramirez HopsColombiaSebastian RamirezPink bourbonhoups doble anaerobiclemongrass, hops, caramel, very juicy citrus aftertaste, IPA beer120kg$27,9324SPOT
CO-23-109 Sebastian Ramirez Taco RollColombiaSebastian RamirezCaturrataco roll 280 hoursUmami taste very raw natural coffee with cherries and red fruits144kg$27,2624SPOT
CO-23-110 Sebastian Ramirez CinnamonColombiaSebastian RamirezCaturraBrown infusedcinnamon buns, yoghurt milk, caramel, almonds and again cinnamon in milk96kg$27,9324SPOT