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Coffee codeCountryFarmerVarietyProcessProfileAvailableUnitPricePackagingStatus
MX-22-031 Chelin Pink BourbonMexicoEnrique Lopéz AguilarPink Bourboncarbonic maceration, washedwild fruit, raspberry blossom, herbs, goes to grapes and rose, creamy milky body8kg$31,2730 kgSPOT
BR-22-035 Vinhal Honey PropolisBrasilRafael VinhalTopázio2x fermented honeyalmond butter, propolis, gingerbread238kg$19,2660 kgSPOT
BR-22-036 Vinhal Jabuticaba jamBrasilRafael VinhalCatucaí 2SL2x fermented naturalvery full-bodied sweet- like marmelade coffee, red ripe fruit, spicy, cherries, pudding150kg$16,7760 kgSPOT
BR-22-037 Vinhal Floral lemon grassBrasilRafael VinhalTopázio peaberry3x fermented fully washedlily, lavender perfume, liliac, lemon grass, strong violet notes, full body, floral juicy aftertaste298kg$19,4960 kgSPOT
BR-22-038 Vinhal Estate blend naturalBrasilRafael VinhalBlendnaturalcarrot cake, gingerbread, butter6 495kg$10,4260 kgSPOT
CO-22-049 PacamaraColombiaDaniela DuquePacamaranaturalfermentation, candied purple fruit, apple punch24kg$18,5824 kgSPOT
CO-23-001 Ana Gloria Cas/Col WColombiaAna Gloria RodriguezCastillo, ColombiaWashedHerbal, caramel, nutmeg, chocolate, medium body and sweetness, lover acidity630kg$10,8835 kgSPOT
CO-23-002 Ana Gloria Cat/Cas WColombiaAna Gloria RodriguezCaturra, castilloWashedChocolate, cocoa, dried fruits, dark sugar, medium/high body and aftertaste resembling dark chocolate with fruits175kg$11,1035 kgSPOT
CO-23-003 Oliverio Cat WColombiaOliverio ÑañezCaturraWashedFloral, lemon balm, medium soft and creamy body, cramle vanila cake, Pribináček119kg$11,3335 kgSPOT
CO-23-005 William PB WColombiaWilliam OrtizPink bourbonWashedFloral and herbal aroma, with hints of chocolate, in flavor flowers, roses, red forest fruits and fresh almonds96kg$17,9524 kgSPOT
CO-23-007 Libardo PB HColombiaLibardo OrtizPink bourbonHoneyVery delicate coffee. aroma of mint and basil with pomelo and honey, in flavor a lot of flowers such as rose and lilac, orange and honey cookies, apricots, papaya322kg$17,0035 kgSPOT
CO-23-009 Oscar Cat 077TNColombiaOscar HernandezCaturraWashed, fermentedVery ripe banana, papaya, chocolate, medium acidity but very sweet and juicy.252kg$21,0724 kgSPOT
CO-23-011 Oscar Col 057CHColombiaOscar HernandezColombiaWashed, fermentedPlums, cranberries and blueberries, wine and Amareto, juicy sparkling acidity of green apples, cocoa aftertaste. 144kg$21,0724 kgSPOT
CO-23-013 Oscar Typ 053CHColombiaOscar HernandezTýpicaWashed, fermentedVery creamy coffee, bananas, sweet caramelized sugar, roiboos tea. Acidity of sweet orange and banana aftertaste. 168kg$21,0724 kgSPOT
CO-23-014 Oscar OB 071CHColombiaOscar HernandezOrange bourbonWashed, fermentedFruity but very delicate. lemon balm, papaya and roses. Sparkling citric acidity. Lighter body.144kg$21,0724 kgSPOT
CO-23-015 Oscar Y Col 075TNColombiaOscar HernandezYellow colombiaWashed, fermentedStrawberry jam, blackberries, chocolate and cream. Medium body and acidity. Lingering sweet chocolate aftertaste. 120kg$21,0724 kgSPOT
CO-23-016 Sandra PB WColombiaSandra GuacaPink bourbonWashedLavender, white sugar, fruit infusion, medium body, nougat and caramel in the aftertaste350kg$14,9635 kgSPOT
CO-23-017 Hugo PB W lot 1ColombiaHugo GualacoPink bourbonWashedMint, lilac, elderberry, medium-light body, very fresh feeling144kg$14,9624 kgSPOT
CO-23-018 Hugo PB W lot 2ColombiaHugo GualacoPink bourbonWashedsuper sweet, pink grapefruit in aroma, violet flowers, melon, white sugar120kg$14,9624 kgSPOT
CO-23-019 Hugo PB H ColombiaHugo GualacoPink bourbonHoneyAroma of mango, apricot. Flavor is a mixture of tropical fruits, especially banana and pineapple with a little hint of lemongrass. The aftertaste is long, sweet, peachy.132kg$18,1324 kgSPOT
CO-23-020 Hugo PB N lot 1ColombiaHugo GualacoPink bourbonNaturalcacao nibs, chocolate biscuit,orange liquere,sour cherry, limoncello120kg$17,0024 kgSPOT
CO-23-023 José PB NColombiaJosé MopánPink bourbonNaturalPomelo, honey, cocoa, rose, balanced full flavour, raisins394kg$17,0035 kgSPOT
CO-23-024 José Cat NColombiaJosé MopánCaturraNaturalLemongrass, bergamot, full body, cocoa nibs, tropical sour fruit156kg$17,0024 kgSPOT
CO-23-028 Nemecio Col WColombiaNemecio BordaColombiaWashedNectarines, apple, orange peel, medium body, nougat245kg$11,5635 kgSPOT
CO-23-029 Luz Marina Cas WColombiaLuz Marina AriasCastilloWashedApple, cocoa cheesecake, creamy medium body, going into grapes350kg$11,5635 kgSPOT
CO-23-030 Silvio blend WColombiaSilvio LopezCastillo, Tabi, TýpicaWashedSweet like apple jam, walnut chocolate, coconut milk body292kg$11,5635 kgSPOT