Mexico Oaxaca

Mexico Oaxaca

Our desire to discover new coffee countries took us to Mexico this year. Mexico is an incredibly huge country where the coffee regions are far apart from each other. We took a look at the Oaxaca region. The coffee from this area is grown almost without exception traditionally. The farms are family-run, smaller in size compared to Brazil (2-10 hectares) , and the harvesting is done by hand, not by machine. It is collected once a year, approximately from January to May, and the season is not as concentrated as in other coffee destinations.

The speciality coffee culture is still slowly taking off in Mexico, and this is another challenge for us. The logistics here are not very well established, the coffee farms are really far from each other and the processing mills can be counted on one hand. But the level of coffee processing, along with other fermentations, has honestly surprised us. New generations of farmers are bringing both new processes and exotic varieties of coffee varieties to the Mexican coffee culture. Geisha is no exception.

The farmers process the beans using both the natural method as well as the washed and honey method.

We are starting our project with two specific localities, Tlaxiaco and Mirador in the Oaxaca region. In the beginning, we will focus on microlots from smaller family farms that we have visited and where we have been able to taste the coffee. The quality of these coffees is easily on par with those from Colombia. The farmers process the beans using both the natural method as well as washed and honey.

The profiles of the coffees are very rich. From classic nutty-chocolate, to pure orange juicy coffees, to incredibly herbal microlots. We bring our first crop from Mexico in the summer 2022 and we’re really looking forward new coffees!