We are Chicas Industry,
two enthusiastic girls from Czechia.

We import green coffee beans from Colombia, Brazil, India and Mexico.

With our farmers we know each other very well. That’s why we build bridges between two worlds – between farms and roasters. We’ve had a genuine interest in coffee for almost 10 years, from bean to cup. We’re still learning, and we love to share what we already know. There is and should be no taboo in coffee. Transparency and traceability are some of our core values. And the goal is clear – to create a network that is not just about business, but truly partnership-based and sustainable.

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Our coffee is sustainable, traceable, transparent and, above all, specialty. But most importantly, it’s honest. Truly from the hands of people we know. Or people we get to know. In the process of selecting and buying our coffee, we are in contact with real farmers and also experiencing with them the worries and joys of the whole coffee logistics. Sometimes it’s a precisely planned process, other times it cannot do without a touch of magic and incantation. And it’s always exciting. We’ll get you involved if you like.

Our coffee is specialty, traceable and honest.

We're women, so we support women. Because we all deserve it.

We build long-term relationships. It's an investment that is worth it.

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