Colombia is a coffee superpower that has become the heart of the Chicas Industry. It was thanks to Colombia that the idea of importing green coffee in 2019 was born and this is where it all started. Thanks to its incredible variety of coffees, the warm-heartedness of the people and our strong connections with farmers, we have made Colombia our base. Mutual respect has slowly grown into an almost family-like relationship.

Where do we bring our coffee from?

Colombia is an equatorial tropical country with the magnificent mountain massifs of the Andes. This environment creates unique climatic conditions and so the coffee really prospers here. Coffee farms are spread all over the country, wherever the altitude is at least 1,400-1,500 metres above sea level and no more than 2,100-2,200. So in more than half of all Colombian regions you will find a coffee farm somewhere.

Since the beginning of our project, we have chosen to highlight the amazing diversity of Colombian coffee. From the different flavours in each region, to varieties and processing methods. We are constantly making contacts in more and more areas while strengthening the links we already have. Which ones are they?


  • Huila – Bruselas, Pitalito
  • Boyacá – Rondón
  • Tolima – China Alta
  • Antioquia – Titiribí


We already have future cooperation with farmers in other regions

  • Cundinamarca
  • Santander
  • Quindío